"In the Zone"

In the “gap” of Space, I am at One with my gender and emotionally rational with my power.

In the “flow” of Time, I am at Choice with my polarity, and exclusively connected to my authority.

In the “now” of Reality, I am in Equality with my intensity, and sensitively detached with my ability.

The “gap” is the Way of Oneness and the Joy of Wealth.

The “flow” is the Choice of Truth and the Fulfilment of Wisdom.

The “now” is the Equality of Life and the Contentment of Health.

In the “gap”, I have the power of self-worth and attention to my purpose.

In the “flow”, I have the authority of self-confidence and the intention of my vision.

In the “now”, I have the ability of self-esteem and the actions of my mission.

The equalised intensity of Equality and the ability of Contentment is the capability of Health and the potential of Life.

The undivided gender of Oneness and the harmonious power of Joy is the competence of Wealth and the magnitude of Love.

The neutralised polarity of Choice and the united authority of Fulfilment is the capacity for Wisdom and the force of Light.

Without the”gap”, we have pressure and contraction.

Without the “flow”, we have inertia and resistance.

Without the “now” we have judgment and expectation.

In the gap, in the flow and in the now, I am in the “zone”.