Impotence is being impotent, which is without power.

Omni-potent is Being all-powerful.

When we are impotent, we are without power and we need emotional power.

Our Soul gives us the energy to be emotionally potent.

Female impotence creates a lack of passion and desire to unite with a mate.

Male impotence creates penile misfunction, although the passion and desire of the ego may remain.

An emotionally disconnected man or woman will have no awareness that their impotency is the result of their lack of emotional energy.

When we are driven by our sub-conscious ego to get our emotional needs met, we are not acting with our true potency but seeking to regain our emotional energy through the act of sexual union.

We lose our potency within a sexual relationship, when we are no longer developing and spiritually growing.

We stop growing when we lose our authority to make our own choices. When we lose our authority, we lose our power and become impotent in life and love.

The act of sexual union is an essential aspect of spiritual growth and development. It was never designed as a means of getting our emotional needs met or as a reward for someone meeting our emotional needs.

The mis-use of sexual relationships always leads to our loss of power and impotency.

Disconnected from our True Source of Power, we lose our True Potential and become eventually impotent.