Idology is the worship of a false idol.

A false idol is a false god.

A false god is a source of false emotional power.

Whatever we worship, in order to raise our emotional energy, that is not Divine, is a false idol.

Whenever we connect to an authority or make a choice that is not aligned with our Soul, we are worshipping a false idol and praying to a false god.

Money is a false idol when it is used as a source of emotional power i.e. our emotional energy depends on money.

Status is a false idol when we revere it as a source of authority .

Knowledge is a false idol when we acknowledge it as a source of personal success and ability .

We idolise people who appear to have money, status and knowledge believing them to have power, authority and ability.

Idology is for those who seek to become idle, lazy and slothful who have not been awakened to their true path in Life.

Id-ology is the study of the Id, which is our sub-conscious ‘inner critic’ and ‘inner child’ that holds all our false beliefs and fears.

Our sub-conscious Id defines the boundaries of our comfort zone that is designed to keep us safe, secure and comfortable.

This is the secure environment that disallows any expansive Personal Spiritual Development & Growth.