Hope, Expectation & Desire

Desire is a future projection of our sub-conscious emotion.

Expectation is a future projection of our sub-conscious will.

Hope is a future projection of our sub-conscious mind.

Our sub-conscious emotion feels without the power of our Heart.

Our sub-conscious will thinks without the authority of our Soul.

Our sub-conscious mind understands without the ability of our super-conscious Mind.

Our Heart realises its power through the feeling of Love.

Our Soul manifests its authority through the knowing of Light.

Our Mind creates its ability through the seeing of Life.

Desire is driven by a need, not the power of Love.

Expectation is driven a by belief, not the authority of Light.

Hope is driven by a drama, not the ability of Life.

We desire everything that we need physically and emotionally.

We expect our reality to be in line with our beliefs.

We hope that our life dramas will turn out for the best.

Passion is a past feeling of our sub-conscious emotion.

Judgement is a past thought of our sub-conscious will.

Trust is a past experience of our sub-conscious mind.

Passion and desire have no magnitude or competence as our power.

Expectation and judgement have no force or capacity as our authority.

Hope and trust have no potential or capability as our ability.

We realise our magnitude and competence of power by feeling Love in a state of Being in Awareness.

We manifest our force and capacity of authority by knowing Light in a state of having Consciousness.

We create our potential and capability of ability by seeing Life in a state of doing in conscious-awareness.