Hobson's Choice

Hobson’s choice is the belief that we only have one choice.

When we only appear to have one choice, we believe that we have no choice.

We are stuck in a false reality, where only one option gives us no choice but to take that option.

In a relative world of dual reality, there are always two options and we always have a choice.

When we believe that we have no choice, we are denying that that at least one option is a choice.

When we are denying that an option is a choice, we have already chosen not to choose it.

In reality, choosing not to choose something, even when that decision is made sub-consciously, is a choice.

By sub-consciously deciding not to see something as an option, we are in fact creating it as an option.

This is why what we don’t want, always turns up, because we have chosen it by focusing our thought sub-consciously, on not wanting it.

When we only have Hobson’s choice – our conscious choice – we have sub-consciously discarded all other choices.

Only once we have become conscious of the choice of two options, do we have the opportunity to make our third choice – the choice of our Soul.