Reality flows tangentially across the passage of Time within the volume of Space.

Whereas Time appears to be sequential, Reality appears to be fixed and unchanging, except over the passage of time it appears to evolve with time.

We look at the reality of the time as though each ‘era in time’ has a different reality. The reality of the 20th century appears to have evolved from the reality of the 19th century.

Reality is only fixed by our perspective and becomes fixed because we constantly pursue a fixed perspective which we call the truth. Whatever is ajudged to be untrue is deemed to be a false perspective and not real, or not a true reality.

The truth is that reality is not fixed but fluent, once we believe it to be so. The problem is that we are not fluent in the truth of this reality or the reality of this truth.

The truth is a paradox in this world of relative duality and dual reality, in which we live. The paradox is that: Nothing is true and whatever we believe to be true – is true. It is true because we create our own reality, which is our perspective on life, or how we believe and perceive our life to be real.

Because of the existence of Time, life appears to be continuous, and whatever continues to turn up consistently, becomes our experience, our truth and our reality.

We have forgotten that if we do not like our reality, we can change it, because we created it our self in the first place.

When our reality is the same as everyone else’s, we are considered normal, and we subscribe to re-creating each day what we consider to be normal.

We all have the potential ability to discover the magnitude of our power and the force of our authority to create our own reality consciously. This is possible but far from normal.

Yet this is only true once it becomes our belief and manifests as our own personal reality.