Heart & Soul

When heart & soul is synonymous with mind & emotion, mental & emotional, or hearts & minds, we are creating a duality of our rational and emotional experiences in life.

When our Heart represents our Power of Love, and our Soul represents our Authority of Light, there is no duality, just a Triality, as we attain the potential Ability of Life.

Our Soul is at the heart, core or centre of our Beingness. Our beingness is the Heart of who we are. Heart and Soul are One, until divided in reality by our power and our authority.

When our heart and soul are divided in relative duality, we lose our Divine Ability, until that is, we redeem it.

We get confused when we believe that we feel love in our heart. The love we feel in our heart is the human love of an emotional need being fulfilled.

The Love of our Soul we feel emotionally emanating from our Solar Plexus and radiating up our spine and through our nervous system.

Our Heart Centre is the Source of our Authority of Knowing. When we Know in our Heart, we are in direct communication with our Soul.

When we See in our mind’s eye, we are fully connected to the creativity of our imagination and we can see the bigger picture of Life.

Seeing, Knowing and Feeling are how we communicate with our Soul or Inner Coach, and are the essence of our Spiritual Intelligence.

When our Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength are aligned as One, we experience the Love of the Lord our God – Our Inner Coach.