Having Enough Faith

With enough faith, we have enough of everything because faith is knowing our true life path that flows effortlessly in balance.

Our faith will always equalise and harmonise our path in life and find the middle way.

The middle way is the knowing that we have in the core, centre or heart of our being.

When we have enough faith, we have enough knowing, and when we know we have enough faith, we have enough of everything.

All possibilities exist and all resources are unlimited.

If we believe that we are without something, or do not have enough of something, then that will become or remain our reality.

On our journey of faith, to experience enough, we will wander through the illusion of not enough and more than enough.

Scarcity and gluttony, poverty and riches, extravagance and misery, are all symptoms of experiencing not enough or more than enough.

It is not our destiny to remain in duality. Our destiny is to always have enough and we follow our destiny with faith.

We cannot have enough faith without having enough of everything because it is our destiny to have enough.

Having Enough Faith allows everything that we want and need to come to us.