Happiness & Well-Being

It is my intention to attain Happiness and Well-being.
I used to achieve fleeting moments of wellness and happiness by accomplishing goals and objectives.
I now know that Happiness & Wellness are not fleeting moments of fun or pleasure but Emotional States of Being that we can Attain.
An Attainment is:
  •  Something that we have (have attained) and can produce anytime at will.
  • A state of Being that we can attribute to our Self with conscious choice.
Once we have attained Happiness and Well-being we know that it is our natural state of being.
States of Being are an Attribute that we Attain, not a goal or objective that we achieve, accomplish or succeed in.
I do not have to do anything to attain Happiness or Well-being. No action is required.
Actually I have to stop doing everything that inhibits my sense of Happiness and Well-being. They then become an Attainment.
When we stop ‘Doing’, we have the time and space to ‘Be’ whoever we choose to Be.
To ‘Be’ or not to ‘Be’ that is the question.
Do I choose to be Happy & Well or not?

One thought on “Happiness & Well-Being

  1. spiritdancing

    love your post….we use these words, not really knowing what they mean and how the reflect on how they apply to our real life, you made it very clear, informative and pleasant to read…keep up the great writing…

    darlene siddons

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