Guilt is the false belief or fear that we can get things wrong.

In Absolute Reality there is no right or wrong and therefore guilt cannot exist.

Divine Innocence is not a duality of guilt but the absence of guilt and the absence of any judgment of being right or wrong.

Our only guilt in Life is to lose our Innocence.

Forgiveness is not the act of atoning for or admonishing our guilt.

Forgiveness is the attainment of knowing that there can be no guilt in the first place.

In the absence of guilt, forgiveness is unnecessary, we already have it, we are just required to attain it and to experience it.

Attaining Forgiveness requires the cessation of judgment that apportions blame, that convicts guilt, and sentences justice.

Forgiveness Just Is.

When guilt just isn’t, justice is served.

Innocence is Fore-given, it is our birthright and our Natural State of Being.