Greed & Arrogance

Greed is seeking power over other people.

Arrogance is seeking authority over other people.

Both greed and arrogance seek to be better than another.

They are both created from a belief that a hierarchy is the natural order of things, and the higher we climb in the hierarchy, the more power and authority we will have.

The more superior our status in any hierarchy, the more greedy and arrogant we become.

The similarity of greed and arrogance becomes evident in their polar opposites.

Pleasing, the opposite of greed, is very similar to humbleness, the opposite of arrogance.

People who please are subservient to the power of those who they please.

Humble people bow to the superior authority of another.

We please others because we need to emotionally. We are humble to others because we believe we have to be.

Once we know that “We are all Equal”, we no longer need to compete for energy with other people.

We all have equal choice, which is the freedom of our own authority.

When we know that “Love is the Way”, we connect to our own power.

Authority plus Power equals the potential of our own Ability.