Gravitas is the spiritual weight of our authority multiplied by the spiritual volume of our power. This is the spiritual potential of our ability.

Gravitas is the density of our spiritual energy. It is the product of the frequency of our energy multiplied by its wavelength.

In a fixed system or dimension, where frequency is always equal to wavelength, the density of our energy is either the frequency or the wavelength squared and is called the vibration.

From the perspective of Spirit, gravitas is the density of our energy vibration.

The density of our energy is inversely proportional to the density of our physical matter.

The less dense our spiritual energy the more dense we are physically.

The less dense our physical matter, the greater our vibration, the more dense our spiritual energy, and the more gravitas we have.

As our gravitas increases our Light Body begins to grow.

As our gravitas grows and expands, we let go of our attachments to physical life and raise our vibration.

Without gravitas, our spiritual energy slows down in frequency and gets shorter in wavelength as our vibration declines in a process called ageing over time, until our inevitable death to physical life and rebirth to spirit.

Gravitas keeps us awake and aware, young and alive as we balance the force of our authority with the magnitude of our power to create the infinite potential of our ability to live Life.