Grace & Favour

Grace and Favour are Divine gifts.

Grace is our gift of Power. How much grace we have, our magnitude of power, is directly proportionate to how much we love and value each present moment.

In every moment that we are worthy of our Beingness and doing what we truly value, we are accessing the grace of our true power.

Favour is our gift of knowing our Authority. Our favour is our authority to access our force for good.

The force of Good is our Divine Authority and our favour.

We are favoured by knowing who we are, why we are here and where we are going.

Without Divine Direction, we are without authority and without favour.

When we have grace without favour, we are just getting our needs met. We have human love but not the authority of Divine Light. Our love may have magnitude but no force.

When we have favour without grace, we have a false belief (fear). We think we know, but our knowledge has no power of Divine Love. We may have the force of our will but no magnitude of grace.

To be Divinely guided our favour requires grace.

To be Divinely supported our grace requires favour.

Both the gift of grace & favour are required to bring us the mercy of Divine Life that our Soul’s Will intends for our Self.