Jesus said “None is Good but the Lord”.

Goodness is having the wisdom to know what our Soul wants for our Self.

What our Soul wants for our Self is always Good.

The Goodness of the Soul has no duality of bad.

Bad and good are a subjective view by the ego self.

Goodness is a true value of the Soul and an attainment of the Self.

Goodness is the attainment of the attributes of Being:

  • At One with our Authority.
  • Credible with our Truth.
  • Faithful to our Vision.

Goodness requires the attainment of Absolute Divinity, as becoming Divine requires the attribute of Absolute Goodness.

Goodness is without any aspect of negativity, evil, badness, wrongness or imperfection.

Goodness is Godness, without division, impurity, fear, need, or drama.

From our Soul’s perspective, we are always Good.