Good or Bad

Good is a positive belief or judgment about something we want or choose. We choose what we want because we believe it is good for us.

Bad is a negative belief or judgment about what we don’t want or choose to have. We choose not to want or have something that we believe is bad for us.

Good and bad are a judgment based on our positive or negative beliefs that are based on our perspective of any given situation.

Nothing is inherently good or bad for us. Whether we want something or not is a matter of our positive or negative perspective in that moment of time.

What was good for us in the past may become bad for us in the future, based on the situation and the perspective that determines our belief.

When we change our perspective, we change our belief and we may make a different discernment based on our new perspective or situation.

The ability to choose allows us the ability to change our mind and therefore our perspective.

A good situation or circumstance is seen from a positive perspective. A change in situation or circumstance will change our perspective from being positively good to becoming positively bad or vice versa.

Bad situations are seen as evil and evil is a situation that is seen as bad. It is seen as an external force that creates bad situations, circumstances and occurences.

There is no malignant force for evil, only our choice of perspective.