God's Representative

God’s Representative is our Soul and Inner Coach.

All Souls are representative of the One God.

All Souls are unique, individual and exclusive because they represent or re-present God in unique, exclusive and individual ways.

Our Soul is unique to us and a unique re-presention of God, which means our Soul re-presents God in a unique way through its Self.

The Soul represents and re-presents our Self’s individual journey called a life-time.

During this life-time, our Soul has chosen which representation of God it chooses to represent through its Self in this life-time.

God is representative of all Souls in all life-times.

God has chosen different Souls to represent different life-times so that God may experience many life-times through many Souls.

Man is a representative of its Soul. Man represents its Soul and re-presents its Self in each and every life-time.

Man’s representation of its Soul in physical form is called its Self.

The journey of the Self is to represent its Soul as a representative of God through its Self.

The purpose of the Self is to represent its Soul, not to represent itself.

The ego is what the Self presents when it represents itself.