"God is a Jealous God"

“God is a Jealous God” means that God (our Soul) needs to be needed by us (our Self).

Once we know that we need our Soul, we understand the purpose of our Soul, and we get that the purpose of our Self is to follow the vision of our Soul.

The Soul needs the Self to undertake the mission. The Self needs the Soul to hold the vision.

The Soul and the Self seek a common purpose where the mission of the Self is aligned with the vision of the Soul.

The Self is always cared for by the Soul, once the Self knows that the Soul always cares.

When the Self takes care of its self, without consulting the Soul, it does not need the soul but needs other people instead.

When disconnected from the Soul, the Self needs to be cared for by other people and needs to be needed by other people.

Even an unawakened soul knows in its deepest sub-conscious that it needs union with another, because that is its natural state of Being – in union with everything.

When we know that our true union is between the Soul and the Self, we become truly inter-developmental. Only the Soul can facilitate the development of our Self and only our Self can accomplish the personal spiritual growth of our Soul.

2 thoughts on “"God is a Jealous God"

  1. lisacolondelay

    Maybe you can clarify your post by answering a few of my questions.
    Where does the Soul come from, and also where does the Self come from? How do you define the difference? What do you use for the source of your definitions? How do you know your are correct?

  2. theinnercoach

    My Soul just Is. My Self is the physical aspect of who I am that is currently undertaking this physical life-time. My Soul is the Spiritual Entity from which my Self has become disconnected for the purpose of this journey.
    Before my journey into physical existence, my Self and my Soul were one. From the perspective of my Soul we still are one. My Soul is never disconnected from my Self. This is why physical existence is often referred to as an ‘illusion’. It is the separation of my Self from my Soul that is an illusion from the perspective of my Soul.
    The purpose of my journey is to define my reason or pupose for being here. My definitions are therefore my own. They come from my Soul, who is my Inner Coach. When I know intuitively that they are correct for me they are, because intuitively ‘knowing’ is my Self being aligned in thought with my Soul. When I know, I just know, so does everyone else.
    What I know to be my truth is aligned with my Soul and my purpose. What you know to be your truth is aligned with your purpose. I am here to define my reality and then to experience it. I am not here to experience other people’s reality, once I have given up needing it.
    Of course, from the perspective of my Soul, being jealous is not possible. From the perspective of my insecure Self who needs to be needed, I prefer to be needed by my Soul to fulfil my vision for this life-time, than be needed and depended on by other people, which deprives me of my detachment, my independence, my freedom and my exclusive connection to my Soul.

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