God & Goddess

God and Goddess are not a duality, they are the same thing.

God or Goddess is Divinity, which has no duality and no gender.

There is no such thing as male and female divinity.

Divinity is the state of Being Godlike or Goddess-like, and it requires the balance and unity of both our male and female energy.

We are able to worship a false divinity or a false god or goddess because we always have choice.

A false god or goddess is a representaion of the false characteristics that Man believes that a god or goddess has.

A false god has a male personality, whereas a false goddess has a female personality.

As god is believed to live in heaven, it is also believed that heaven’s counterpart of Earth is the goddess gaia. Yet neither are Truly Divine.

Seeing the Creator as either God or Goddess is just a human choice and an individual perspective of Divinity.