Gluttony & Greed

Gluttony and Greed are often confused.

Gluttony is having or wanting more than enough of something or anything.

The opposite of gluttony is scarcity or less than enough of something or anything.

Gluttony is often defined as over-eating or over-indulging with food. It is in fact the over-indulgence or extravagance of anything.

Too much of anything is gluttony.

Greed is often seen as depriving someone else of what they want by having too much oneself. This belief derives from a scarcity mentality and is in fact a judgement of gluttony.

Greed is the belief that we are superior or better than another.

The opposite of greed is pleasing.

Pleasing is being humble or adopting an inferior stance to someone else’s superior power or authority.

The greed of winning or attaining a higher status than another, is rarely seen as a sin in our modern society, which is why greed has become synonimous with gluttony rather than its true definition.

Discrimination, bias, preferential treatment and prejudice are all examples of greed and pleasing others selectively.

Greed is an aspect of arrogance without humbleness which has false self-confidence and esteem.

Gluttony is without contentment, abundance and knowing what is enough.