Gentleness is without:

  • Strength & Weakness
  • Wrath & Meekness
  • Bitterness & Sweetness (Mildness)
  • Nastiness & Niceness
  • Anger & Patience
  • Arrogance & Humbleness
  • Pride & Humility
  • Envy & Kindness
  • Greed & Pleasing

Gentleness is:

  • When we find the strength in our weakness and the weakness in our strengths.
  • When our kindness, humility, humbleness, patience, mildness, meekness, niceness and pleasing all become a weakness.
  • When our pride, greed, arrogance, anger, bitterness, wrath, nastiness and envy are no longer a strength.
  • When a gentle push becomes an oxymoron.
  • When we experience ‘Attraction in Action’ and no pushing is required.
  • When Life flows to us effortlessly along our Life Path.
  • When our lack of Power no longer diminishes us.
  • When our Power no longer overwhelms us.

Gentleness is a Divine Attainment.