Gender & Polarity

The polarity of our thoughts and emotions is either positive or negative.

The gender of our mental and emotional energy is either male or female.

Polarity is the direction of our perspective and is determined by our point of view.

Gender is the clarity of our perception and is ascertained by our feelings.

With dual reality comes choice and with choice comes opposing realities.

Our choice of perspective is its polarity.

Our choice of perception is its gender.

Male gender perceives the world to be rational from a positive perspective and irrational from a negative perspective.

Female gender perceives the world to be emotional from a positive perspective and unemotional from a negative perspective.

Male gender learns and grows and moves forward by adopting a rational perspective and becomes stuck by other people’s irrational behaviour and their own unemotional behaviour.

Female gender learns and grows with an emotional perception of life, whilst becoming confused and lost by their own irrational behaviour and other people’s unemotional behaviour.

The gender and polarity of our thoughts and emotions determines our potential ability and the intensity of our Life.