We value Freedom as our greatest asset.

Indeed, freedom of choice is our greatest gift.

Yet Freedom, as well as being a True Value, can also be a need.

When we are without our freedom, we feel the need to be free.

When we are free, we no longer need to be free, and we truly value what we are doing with our freedom, not the freedom itself.

A lack of freedom is called slavery.

When we become a slave to anything in Life, we give away our choice and our freedom.

Slavery is the inability to master our choice.

We all have ‘free will’ and ‘freedom of choice’ but we will only enjoy our freedom once we have mastered our will and our choice.

The question is: “Who is the Master of our Choice”?

Is it the will of our ego, the will of someone else’s ego, or are we making a Divine Choice?

Are we a ‘slave’ of our sub-conscious programming or have we ‘mastered’ the “Choice of our Soul”?