Fluent & Fluctuating

Time is fluent and flows by, when we are happy. The happier we are the more fluent time becomes and the more fluent times become.

Reality is fluent and life is efortlessly flowing when we are ‘on track’. When our reality is fluent, we are happy and time and reality flow together in space.

When life fluctuates, it is because we are ‘off track’ and ‘out of balance’.

Fluctuation is the experiencing of both ends of an opposing reality sequentially in time. It is when our reality goes from one extreme to another. From the ‘ridiculous’ to the ‘sublime’.

Fluctuating times and realities are created when we are off track and sub-consciously projecting detrimental choices into our future.

When our choices are not consciously created in a spirit of love, harmony and co-operation, they create a vortex of negative energy that returns to ‘rock our boat’.

Realities become confused and create entropy, resistance and friction when they collide headlong in frustration, anger and intollerance.