Fighting the Darkness

Fighting the darkness creates the darkness.

Fighting the darkness will never create light.

Those who represent the light by fighting the dark forces are the creators of the darkness.

Light & dark are a duality and are both opposing shades of grey.

Relative dual reality will always be a grey area because in this realm all possibilities exist.

Black and white are just definite perspectives of grey.

Light and dark are opposing ends of the grey spectrum seen from opposite perspectives.

To those who no longer fight the battle of good versus evil, all grey areas are seen in vivid colour.

Black and white are both the absence of colour.

White light is mistakenly seen as the unification of all colours and black as the absence of colour and light.

Fighting the darkness because it is evil is the thought pattern that creates it.

Accepting that we are all shades of grey in this world is how we learn to live with our shadow self.

We have come here to explore, experience and discover our shadow, not to judge it, condemn it, and see it as evil.

When we stop fighting the darkness and do not have another evil thought, it ceases to exist and the duality of light and dark is overcome by Divine Light.