Feelings & Emotions

Our Soul is Pure Feeling.

Our Self experiences emotions.

Our Soul’s Feelings are Pure Love.

Pure Love is what our Soul Feels for our Self.

Pure Love is the sum of all our emotional states of Being.

When we receive Feelings from our Soul, we interpret them through our thoughts, as emotions.

Feelings have no positive or negative polarity, no gender and only one intensity.

Emotion or the motion of energy is experienced according to the polarity, gender and intensity of the thoughts that our mind receives and interprets.

The only Pure Emotion is Love. All other emotions are aspects of Love, even negative emotions, which are negative aspects of Love.

Negative emotions are created by negative thoughts and beliefs that we call fears.

Our Soul has only Feeling because it possesses no limiting beliefs, programmes or fears.

Feeling is experiencing our Soul’s Energy in Motion.

One thought on “Feelings & Emotions

  1. attractionannie

    Hi Keith,

    Love the post!

    It seems to me therefore that in any situation the only question worth asking is the Course In Miracles one of “What would Love do here?”.

    Thank you, that has helped enlighten me


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