Feeling Outside of the Box

We become insensitive to others and unemotional our self when we disconnect from our feelings.

We disconnect from our feelings and become unemotional when our emotional feelings become too uncomfortable.

When we disconnect emotionally, we put our feelings outside of our comfort zone.

Rational people put irrational feelings out of their mind and out of the zone in which they feel comfortable.

Rational people become contained within their own comfort zone that excludes emotion.

The box that rational people contain themself in is an emotion free zone.

Disconnected rational people only feel emotions that are outside of their box.

The more emotionally contained and insensitive that we become, the less we can feel emotional intensity and the more intense emotional feelings have to be before we can feel them.

For an emotion to register in the mind of a rationally contained person, it is required to be either intensely very positive or intensely very negative. It will move one to either tears of intense pain or tears of intense pleasure.

The only way to feel sensitively and emotionally outside of our box is to remove the boundaries that clearly define our comfort zone.

Personal Spiritual Development & Growth is not possible within the confines that define the boundaries of our Comfort Zone.