Fear of Deprivation

Fear of deprivation is grounded in the belief that everything is limited and may run out.

Fear of deprivation is the belief in poverty, scarcity and lack.

Fear of deprivation creates the need to be free.

 We fear being deprived of oxygen, food, water, shelter, comfort, love, time, space, truth and freedom.

We fear being deprived of life. We do not fear death so much as fearing being deprived of the opportunity to live. We fear not being free to live.

Deprivation is the fear of not having enough of anything we believe that we need.

The fear of deprivation creates gluttony or the pursuit of having more than enough and more than we need.

There is enough of everything, and this becomes our experience once we know that the Universe is infinite, boundless and unlimited.

All we have to do is ask.