Father & Son

Father and Son are two thirds of the Holy Trinity. They are metaphors for the Soul and the Self.

Our Soul is the Father in Heaven, and resides in the Realm of the Absolute.

Our Self is the Son on Earth that is born into the Realm of Relative Dual Reality.

The Father has, as any Good Father would, given the Son free will to live a life of their own choice.

The Son has covenanted with the Father, before incarnating, the purpose for this specifice life-time.

The Father, like any Good Father, is always there to give guidance and support. The Son just has to ask.

We are all ‘Prodigal Sons’ whose father is waiting for us to awaken to the inheritance of our Destiny and return home.

When the Self and the Soul become united as Father and Son they form the Divine Holy Trinity with the Oneness of Spirit, known as the Whole Spirit or The Holy Spirit.