Fate or Destiny

Those who know that they have choice can choose their fate or their destiny.

Those who have no distinction between their fate and their destiny have no choice but to accept their fate.

Those who believe that they are without choice, follow their fate to their doom.

To realise our destiny, we just have to choose it.

It is our destiny to make conscious choices.

To choose our destiny, we first have to stop choosing the doom of our fate.

The pessimist tolerates what turns up as their fate and remains a victim of it.

The optimist accepts what turns up as their destiny and sees an opportunity for growth in every experience that is presented.

The realisation that everything has an opposite in the realm of relative dual reality, testifies to the fact that “we all have choice”, because duality creates choice.

The question is not whether we have choice but “do we consciously choose to have choice”?

Do we sub-consciously tolerate our fate or do we consciously accept our destiny as the gift that it is?