Fate & Destiny

Fate is the path of the unawakened spirit that is driven by the beliefs and emotional needs that create the dramas of life.

Destiny is the life-path of the awakened spirit that knows its vision, mission and purpose for incarnating into the physical realm of duality.

Both fate and reality are created by our individual thoughts, words and actions. Our fate is created by our conscious mind in conjunction with our sub-conscious programming. Our destiny manifests and is realised through the conscious connection to the power, authority and ability of our super-conscious Soul.

In the absence of becoming awakened to our destiny, our fate and our destiny are the same thing, which is our fate.

We are destined to follow our fate until we become awakened to our destiny, which then becomes our fate.

Our fate is to follow the path of love & hate, good & evil, and life & death. Which ever extreme  of these dualities that we experience is seen as either our fortune or our bad luck, or seen as our misfortune or our good luck.

Our destiny is to move out of all extremes of opposing duality in order to explore, experience and discover the power of our Love, the authority of our Light and the ability of our Life.

Our destiny is to enjoy the trialities of Life, whereas our fate is to endure the duality of life & death.