A fantasy is a reality that is beyond the current realm of science fact.

Fantasy worlds and fantasy characters are not the creation of established reality that is accepted as real.

Fantasy is seen as fictitious because it has no scientific basis of fact, it is seen as paranormal because it is beyond the boundaries of what is considered normal, and fantastic because it is not deemed possible in real life.

The real world is what science has declared to be a fact. A fantasy world is what ‘science’ has declared to be ‘fiction’.

Science declares religion to be a fantasy. Religious believers in creationism believe Darwin’s science of evolution and the Big Bang to be a fantasy.

Fantasy is what we believe to be untrue and imaginary. Yet much of science fiction in time becomes a reality and everything in physical reality was once created from someone’s imagination.

Fantasy is what our belief system deems to be unreal. what concurs with our beliefs, we consider real and a fact of life. What conflicts with our beliefs, we consider to be a ficticious fantasy.

We may dream of a fantastic future reality but unless it is an image of inspired revelation, it will just become a fantasy that is unattainable because our belief system prohibits it. Our dreams will remain a fantasy until we challenge our beliefs accordingly.