Our Faith is our ability to follow the design of our Creator.

God is our Creator because by definition God is the Creator of everything.

Everything that God has created has a purpose, which is its Divine Purpose.

Our Divine Purpose is our Vision for this Life.

Following our Vision is our Faith and requires Faith.

“The faith of a mustard seed” is its divine purpose.

The purpose of a mustard seed is to become a mustard plant and eventually become mustard, a food stuff, a seasoning and  a herb.

God has instilled faith in the mustard seed to fulfil its life purpose.

Mustard seeds that are given the right conditions in life will always become mustard plants.

We however, unlike the mustard plant, have free choice.

We can follow our fate and become a human being or we can follow our faith and become a Spiritual Being with our own unique vision, mission and purpose for Life.