Expert & Master

Our Ego Self thinks that it is an expert.

Our Soul knows that it is the Master.

The Self seeks to become an expert because the Soul has given it free will and choice.

The role of the Self is the exploration, discovery and experience of the dual reality world of the relative physical realm. It does this either with or without conscious-awareness of its Master.

The role of the Soul is to be the Master of the Self.

The Soul has nothing it has to do. It just is Master of its own Destiny.

The Ego Self acts on behalf of the Soul, once it has awakened to its true destiny – the Path of its Soul.

Whilst unawakened, the ego self stumbles through life trying to master existence and survival in this physical realm and become an expert in their particular field.

Once awakened to their Soul’s Destiny, the Self knows that being an expert is no longer necessary as the Soul is already a Master.