Expanding Consciousness

The ‘unawakened’ Self has an energy that is divided by:

  • Male (cool) or female (warm) gender
  • Positive (white) or negative (black) polarity
  • High (hot) or low (cold) intensity

The gender, polarity and intensity of our energy is determined by our fears, beliefs and dramas that have become our fate.

This is the fate of a Consciousness that is unawakened and contracting.

It is contracted to play out certain life dramas that are driven by our emotional needs that have been created by our limiting beliefs.

The ‘Awakened Self’ is on a journey of expanding Consciousness called Personal Spiritual Development & Growth:

  • By uniting the gender of our energy, we expand its wavelength.
  • By equalising the polarity of our energy, we expand its frequency.
  • By neutralising the intensity of our energy, we expand its vibration.

Raising the intensity of our energy does not raise our vibration, it lowers it.

We neutralise the intensity of our energy by uniting its gender and equalising its polarity.

Neutralising the intensity decreases entropy and resistance and allows Life to flow effortlessly.

Expanding Consciousness seeks to create a Reality that flows effortlessly through Time & Space.