Everything & Nothing

Everything and Nothing are a duality.

Nothing exists only as a creation of an illusion, in a world where all possibilities exist.

In the Absolute world of Divinity, nothing does not exist, and nothing cannot exist.

Everything does not exist in the world of Absolute Singularity, because physical existence is the experience of the world of relative dual reality.

In the Absolute world, everything and nothing are the same, as neither has any meaning.

Divinity is the All that Is, not the all of everything or the all that is not.

There is nothing that is not, and nothing is not.

In the Relative world of Choice, everything is too much, and nothing is too little.

From a physical perspective, when we want for nothing, we have everything, and when we have everything we want for nothing.

From a spiritual perspective, when we have everything, we have nothing, and when we have nothing, we have everything.

When we have neither everything nor nothing, and both everything and nothing, we have neither not enough nor more than enough.

When we have enough, we have Abundance.

When we have Enough in Abundance, we have both Enough and Abundance.