Equanimity is:

  • The stillness of our Spiritual Energy when the male and female aspects are no longer in conflict.
  • When the female gender (anima) of our energy is aligned with its counterpart, the male gender (animus).
  • The state of Being in ‘Equal Animity’, with the gender of our energy balanced and equal.
  • When the wavelength of our energy is equalised, which equates to the quality of having no defined gender.
  • When our Yin & Yang come into balance and unity.
  • The stillness of the ‘gap’ from which our Divine Power flows.
  • The ‘space’ that either divides or connects our male and female energies.
  • The ‘void’ in which our Mind is at Peace, and where our ‘peace of mind’ resides.
  • The serenity of an effortless existence and a life without conflict.
  • The feeling of Omnipotence in our connection to our True Divine Power.

To attain Equanimity in Life is to “Rest in Peace” before we die.