Equability & Equality

Equability is our equal ability to create our own reality with our thoughts, our words and our deeds.

The Universe is totally unbiased and without discrimination, and its Laws are Absolute and Equable.

The Law of Attraction favours everyone equally, and is unfavourable in equal measure, created solely by our choice of perspective and how we perceive our life experiences. Our beliefs create our reality, which reinforces our beliefs.

When we treat others with equability, we recognise and acknowledge that where they are, and what they are experiencing, is the effect of what they have individually chosen.

With equability we are able to: allow others to have whatever they choose; approve of who others are being; and accept whatever others are doing.

Equality or E-quality is the quality of our Energy. Whereas we all have an equal energy potential, the potential of our energy is the product of the force of our authority and the magnitude of our power.

Our ability to connect to our power and authority varies depending on our own unique, individual and exclusive circumstances, beliefs and emotional needs. Therefore, whereas in theory our potential to connect to our energy is equal, in practice the quality of our energy rarely is equal.

“Some are more equal than others” means that the quality of our energy varies dependent on its force and magnitude and can be measured or perceived as being either higher or lower, greater or lesser, than someone else’s.

The purpose of Life is seldom to seek equality with others but equality with our Soul. Once the quality of our energy emanates and resonates from, and with, the Energy of our Soul, we will have equability between our Self and our Soul, and will then realise our full creative potential.

 Seeking equality with others will not necessarily direct us on the path of our Soul, whereas choosing equability with others, necessarily will.