Equability is our ability to be equal with all others.

It is our state of Being once we attain equality with all others.

We do not have to prove our equality, we just have to know that we all have the potential to be equal.

To have the potential to be equal to all others requires us to no longer need to be better than any other.

No one has a greater potential ability than any other.

We all have potentially equal ability. It is only our birth circumstances that become our fate and deprive us of our full potential.

Our fate provides the barriers, boundaries, limitations and resistance that deny us our full potential and our Equability.

Once we know that “We are all Equal”, we no longer need to strive to be better than others. It is no longer about measuring our esteem as how much better we are than another, but by how much we are fulfilling our potential.

We then stop trying to be the equal of others and become equal to our potential ability.