Energy Reserves

With enough physical energy, we can do whatever we want. We feel healthy and strong.

With enough emotional energy, we can be whoever we want. We feel wealthy and empowered.

With enough mental energy, we can have whatever we want. We feel wise and enlightened.

With enough money, which is also an energy, we can buy whatever we want. We feel rich.

The paradox of money is: How do we store enough in reserve, without stopping the flow.

The apparent reality is that a reserve of money attracts more money to flow, but storing money stops it flowing. Apparently the more we give out, the more we get back and the more we keep the more we attract.

The answer lies in the distinction between a reserve and savings.

A reserve of money continues to grow steadily and is never depleted and attracts more money.

Savings are a statement of not having enough. Because I do not have enough, I have to save up my money. Savings are always depleted when we eventually buy what we have been saving for. Scarcity  and poverty always attracts more of the same.

Saving physical energy is a statement of weakness.

Saving emotional energy is a statement of needing motivation.

Saving mental energy is procrastination and indecision.

With sufficient energy reserves we never need to save our energy, we never waste our energy, and we always have enough energy to use, when we want and need it.