Emotionally Rational

Our Soul is Being Emotionally-Rational in relationship to our Self.

Our Soul is connected to our Self via rational consciousness and emotional awareness.

As our Soul is both rational and emotional it has total Conscious-Awareness.

In the physical realm of relative dual reality, the Self adopts either a male gender of rational consciousness or a female gender of emotional awareness.

In the absence of seeing a complete picture of the rational world of physical science combined with the emotional world of spiritual religion, we become confused and divided by polarity as well as gender.

Male conscious rational scientists tend to lose their way and become unemotional.

Female emotionally aware spiritualists tend to lose their way and become irrational.

In the absence of a distinction between consciousness and awareness, we see them as the same thing, and we use them to create a small picture of the world as we see it according to our personal perspective of the truth.

Any perspective of reality that is divided by either gender or polarity is without full Conscious-Awareness of the Divine Truth.