Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the measure of our Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.

To the emotionally unaware:

Self-confidence is confused with arrogance.

Self-worth is confused with vanity.

Self-esteem is confused with pride.

To the emotionally disconnected:

Self-confidence is directly proportional to how high others hold us in their esteem and value our worth as a person.

True Self-Confidence is a measure of how well we are connected to our Authority. How well we are connected to our Authority determines how effectively we make good choices.

Lack of self-confidence is caused by limiting beliefs and fears.

True Self-Worth is a measure of how well we connect to our Power, which is a measure of how well we value our Self.

Lack of self-worth is created by our emotional needs.

True Self-Esteem is a measure of our Ability, which is relative to our ability to connect to our power and authority. It is a measure of our ability to be Well and enjoy Happiness.

Lack of self-esteem is due to our life dramas and the character that we are playing.