Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a measure of our ability to see, feel, and know our emotional state of being in every present moment.

Our capability to see our potential ability is in our imagination.

Our capacity to know our force of authority is in our revelations.

Our competence to feel our magnitude of power is in our inspiration.

Emotion is ‘energy in motion’, which has three aspects of power, authority and ability, and is divided by gender, polarity and intensity.

Our emotional strength is our strength of purpose, of knowing who we are and how much we value our Self – our Self-worth.

Being emotional is being aware of our personal energy in motion, and being aware of energy in motion that is affecting us personally.

Being intelligent is having a conscious understanding of how matter/energy behaves in physical reality.

Emotional Intelligence is our conscious understanding of the awareness of our energy in motion, which is our level of conscious-awareness.