Emotional Energy Levels

Although most people are unaware of their Emotional Energy Levels, when asked how they are, they will sub-consciously know their emotional energy level and reply accordingly:

On a scale of 1 -10:

  • 10 is totally positive and accepting without any present tolerations or emotional needs.
  • 5 is just keeping our head above water, managing to get our needs met and cope with our tolerations.
  • 1 means our tolerations have become intollerable and we have run out of emotional energy.

The Inner Coach’s Guide to Emotional Energy Levels: 

  1. I am knackered, exhausted, run out of steam.
  2. I am not very well, I am suffering.
  3. I am under the weather, feeling blue.
  4. I am a bit down, I am under par.
  5. I am coping, just managing, skating on thin ice.
  6. I’m O.K., I’m alright.
  7. I am fine, Iam fair to middling.
  8. I am good, good to go, raring to go.
  9. I am just dandy, on top of the world, very well indeed.
  10. I am overjoyed, ecstatic, over the moon, deliriously happy.