Emotion is an energy of communication, in motion from our Soul.

There is only one emotion and that is the pure Love of the state of Being of our Soul.

Whereas only the One emotion is transmitted by our Soul, more than one emotion is received by our ego, once it has passed through the needs of our heart and the beliefs of our id.

When the ego receives the eager excitement of positive Joy, then Love is translated in a positive way.

When the ego receives the cautious trepidation of negative fear, then Love is translated in a negative way.

We become in two minds when our heart and our id are in opposition because our emotional needs are in conflict with our mental beliefs.

When we experience cautious eagerness or excited trepidation, we are receiving confusing messages of alternating polarity.

Whereas there is only One emotion, there are many ways of receiving that emotion when it is the effect of our polarised needs and beliefs.

Love is polarised by the purity of its Light, which defines our Life experience.

How we feel Love is determined by how well we know our Light that discerns how we see Life.

Every thought is a frequency of Light that is carried on a wavelength of Love that defines our vibration of Life.

All emotional states of Being are defined by their frequency of polarity, their wavelength of gender, and their vibration of intensity.