Embarrassed & Humiliated

Embarrassment is being overwhelmed by our emotional power, due to our lack of self-confidence in our own authority. It is caused by an imbalance of too much power and insufficient authority.

Humiliation is being overwhelmed by our mental authority without the power to use it, due to our lack of self-worth in valuing our Self. It is caused by an imbalance of too much authority and insufficient power.

An embarrassment of riches is having more money (power) than we know (authority) what to do with or how to spend.

Embarrassment is the inability to approve of our own power, value, worth and self care, because we lack the authority to do so.

Embarrassment will cause us to feel hot, bothered, irritated, at risk, inflamed, over-active, afflicted, threatened, unsafe and insecure.

Embarrassment or shyness is our inability to be and express who we really are, because we are not under the direction of our own authority.

The final humiliation is the loss of the last piece of self-worth that is de-valued and dis-empowered by the actions of another’s authority.

Humiliation is our inability to do what we know is right for us because we are without the clarity of our self-worth and value that empowers us.

Humiliation is the sentence imposed by the judgement, blame, conviction and shame of the false authority that becomes our fate.