"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

This is one interpretation of the Golden Rule.

The challenge that this rule presents is knowing how we wish others to ‘do unto us’.

The Golden Rule is ” Follow your own path and allow others to follow their path”.

Other people then become our guide on our path.

Other people reflect to us who we are being. This is the purpose of all relationships.

When the actions of others are unwanted, they are a reflection of a shift that we need to make our self, in order to re-align with our path.

The Golden Rule becomes: “Observe what others are doing unto you because this is their message for you”.

What others do unto you is an expression of their beliefs and their emotional needs contained within their dramas.

By the Law of Attraction, we have attracted this behaviour to our self in order for us to see that it is a reflection of our own behaviour.

Once we learn to sensitively-detach from another’s drama and see their needs and beliefs in an emotionally-rational way, we are able to see their behaviour as a message and a gift that we receive as an opportunity to learn our lesson and follow our true path in an exclusively-connected way.