The only grounds for divorce is when a marriage has irretrievably broken down.

 A marriage becomes irretrievably broken down when one or both partners in a co-dependent relationship no longer can or needs to depend on the other partner to meet their emotional needs. At this point the marriage breaks up.

Co-dependent marriages exist to meet the needs of both partners. When this is no longer the function of the partnership, the marriage becomes under threat of break-up.

Where the greatest emotional need is freedom, then the freedom of independence will doom the co-dependent relationship to certain failure.

In a climate of accelerated spiritual growth, the break-up of divorce and the break-down of co-dependency is almost inevitable.

The break-down of co-dependency is essential to the spiritual development of both partners before they can establish their mutual independence within an inter-developmental relationship.

When a marriage appears to be irretrievably broken-down is the time of greatest spiritual growth and learning.

It is not the marriage that is broken down but the emotional state of being of the partners within the marriage, because they are not getting their emotional needs met.

An unawakened couple will accept that they can no longer live with the emotional trauma of not changing. So they decide to change their partner instead of who they are themselves being. They can no longer live with the reflection of themself that their partner is reflecting to them and run away in denial of their self.

Once we become awakened to our spiritual path and aware of what our soul-mate has covenented to do for us, we can then face up to our reflected demons. Like energy is drawn to like energy. We are a reflection of what our partner seeks to change within them self.

The purpose of a spiritual partnership is to see our challenges and the truth of who we are being as a reflection in the beliefs and behaviours of our partner. What we dislike most about our partner is what we most need to work on in our self.

A spiritual partnership cannot therefore become irretrievably broken down as its very purpose is to break-down the negative aspects of our Beingness, in order to move us towards a positive state of union in holy matrimony.

The purpose of a spiritual inter-developmental partnership is to break down all the aspects (needs, beliefs and dramas) of both partners that are neither Divine nor Holy