Divine Righteousness

Divine Righteousness is the Attribute of Being on our Path and Knowing our Destiny.

It is Acceptance that is without tolerance or intolerance of other people’s truth.

It is Humility that is without acceptance or denial of other people’s truth.

Acceptance with Humility is Divine Righteousness that is without the pride & humility of being self-righteous or sanctimonious.

The Righteous Acceptance of our Humility is Knowing the Divine Truth of who we are and why we are here in this physical existence.

When Divine Knowing and Truth, become One without duality, we attain the Attribute of Righteousness.

The path to Attaining Divine Righteousness is via the dual reality realm of relative opposites where we experience the sins & virtues of pride & humility; tolerance & intolerance; denial & acceptance; self-righteousness & sanctimoniousness; in our pursuit of what is good or evil, right or wrong and positive or negative.

The path of relative duality life & death is strewn with the opposing energies of similar forces.

Knowing the Truth of the Divine Triality of Humility, Acceptance and Righteousness is Goodness. As Jesus declared “Non but the Lord is Good”.