Distinctions of Happiness

When our Ego is ‘happy’ with its power, it is pleased by an emotional need that has been met.

When the Ego is ‘happy’ with its choice, it is delighted with the conviction of its belief.

When the Ego is ‘happy’ with its ability, it is proud of the character that is acting out a drama.

Whenever we are proud, pleased or delighted, we are happy with the personality, the character and the drama that our Ego Self is playing.

 When we feel our Soul’s Power, we explore Joy.

When we know our Soul’s Authority, we discover Fulfilment.

When we see our Soul’s Ability, we experience Contentment.

Joy, Fulfilment & Contentment are the attributes of our Soul that attain True Happiness.

Only when we attain the attributes of Joy, Fulfilment and Contentment our Self, will we explore, experience and discover the True Happiness of our Soul.