Our Direction is our “Way”.

When we show someone the Way, we give them direction.

When we show someone the Way, we are no longer lost. We cannot show the Way and be lost our Self.

There is not just one Way. There is not The Way.

My Way is totally individual, unique and exclusive to my Self.

I have one probable Way. You have many possible ways (probably one each).

When we tell someone what to do, we are directing them and telling them directly and we are telling them our probable way and not their probable way.

We cannot give others Direction by leading them our Way or directing them our Way.

We give Direction and show the Way by:

  • Modelling who we really are.
  • Reflecting their personality and character.
  • Being in syncronicity with others.
  • Passing on messages of revelation.
  • Connecting others to their power.
  • Projecting a positive perspective of Life.
  • Shining and radiating our Light.
  • Being empowered with Love.

We can give Direction and show the Way, but we cannot successfully tell another where to go and how to get there.